Jairzinho Rozenstruik Aims for Summer Comeback, Open to Various Opponents

Oh boy, Jairzinho Rozenstruik sure had a night to remember. After putting a stop to Shamil Gaziev’s unbeaten streak, you’d think he’d have a specific hit list. But nah, he’s playing it cool. Not getting too hung up on any one fight.

The bout? Well, it was something. Gaziev had the upper hand early on with some grappling moves. But Rozenstruik? He wasn’t having it. He came back swinging, jabbing Gaziev into a corner for three whole rounds. Poor Gaziev’s vision was all messed up, leading to a TKO. Retirement style, at the end of round four. Talk about a comeback!

Rozenstruik’s only had his gloves on once in 2023, but he’s itching for more. He’s eyeing a summer return to the octagon. Can’t wait to see that.

At the post-fight presser on Saturday, Rozenstruik dropped a few names. Tai Tuivasa, Derrick Lewis, Sergey Spivak, and even interim champ Tom Aspinall. But, he’s not one to get all clingy to a single matchup. He knows that’s a one-way ticket to sitting on the sidelines.

He’s like, “I wanna fight by July or August. But who? Eh, I’m not shouting out names. You know how it is. You call someone out, they can’t make the date, and boom, you’re stuck.” Makes sense, right? He’s keeping his options open. “There are a few guys I haven’t faced yet, like Tai Tuivasa, Derrick [Lewis], Sergey Spivak, Tom Aspinall, you name it. But I’m not about that call-out life. I just wanna stay ready, see who’s up for it, and get back in there.” That’s Rozenstruik for you, always ready for the next challenge.

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