Jamahal Hill Accused of Punching Brother, Knocking Tooth Loose in Dispute: Police Report

We’ve got some new info on the alleged assault involving Jamahal Hill. This incident supposedly happened in Michigan last month.

According to a police report, MMAFighting.com was the first to get their hands on it. The former UFC light heavyweight champion and his brother, James, were apparently in a dispute. It all started over an agreement Hill had with his brother’s wife. She was to clean his vacant house for $300.

But things got complicated. The disagreement reportedly moved on to “other family matters.” James accused Jamahal of not texting his daughter on Thanksgiving. He also accused him of “being disrespectful to women and abandoning his own daughter.” It seems things got heated when Jamahal took off his shirt and got in James’ face. Then, he allegedly punched his brother.

The fight didn’t stop there. James got back on his feet and his wife tried to intervene. But according to the police report, Jamahal “reached around James’ wife and punched James in the face once again causing him to fall and become dazed.” The report also mentions that James lost a tooth during the dispute. His face also experienced “significant swelling.”

An unidentified witness was also present. Jamahal’s kids were in the room when the incident occurred. But the witness confirms that the fighter did not touch his brother’s wife while allegedly throwing the second punch. Jamahal was reportedly taken into custody without further incident.

Over the weekend, the UFC veteran released a brief statement on his YouTube channel. “There’s been a lot of reports out today about the situation that happened when I was back home in Michigan, visiting for the holidays,” he said. He didn’t say much more, noting that it’s an open case and he’s been advised not to speak on it.

“I just can’t wait for the truth to be told in court. I will wait for that day and I look forward to that day. The people who know me and know my character and truly, truly rock with me and know who I am, hold onto that and stay true to that. That’s all I’m a say on that.”

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