Jan Blachowicz Says Shoulder Injury Led to Major Strength Loss

Jan Blachowicz, a renowned fighter, has confessed that he’ll need some time to regain his “Polish Power”. Why, you ask? Well, he’s awaiting a shoulder surgery that’s put him on the sidelines.

Now, this isn’t just any fighter we’re talking about. Blachowicz is the former Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight champ. He was all set to fight Aleksandar Rakic in a rematch at UFC 297 in January. But then, the injury happened.

At first, everyone thought the injury was a result of his training camp. But Blachowicz revealed that it’s been a long time coming. He said, “I feel it for like three years, something like this.”

He’s been feeling pain in his shoulders for a while now. But like a true fighter, he accepted the pain. However, in the last three months or so, he started losing his power, his strength. He tried to fix it with physiotherapy and doctors, but it only got worse with every training.

He shared a specific incident. “When I did wrestling, I’d hold someone and they’d just grab my hand and open it like this, too easy.” After an MRI on both shoulders, he realized he needed to clean them.

Despite the pain, he’s optimistic. He believes that after a good recovery, his power will return. But right now, he feels weak, like a “2-year-old girl”. He admits that it’s impossible to prepare for a fight in his current state.

Blachowicz had hoped to return to action early next year. But depending on the surgery, he might have to wait longer. He said, “I was hoping for the first part of the new year, but we will see.”

First things first, he needs to get the surgery and rehab done. Then, he can start thinking about his return. He’s eager to get back to the gym, do a sparring session, and feel his power again. Only then can he find a new fight.

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