Jessica Andrade, Mackenzie Dern Talk About Their Divorces Before UFC 295

In UFC 295’s upcoming feature bout, an unusual commonality between the two competing female fighters is observed – they have recently undergone the upheaval of divorce. Due to fight in the Octagon soon, Jessica Andrade (with a score of 24-12) and Mackenzie Dern (maintaining a score of 13-3) are expected to participate in a strawweight clash this Saturday at Madison Square Garden. Both competitors have dealt with the turmoil of divorce in their personal lives, a subject they openly discussed during the UFC 295 media day on Wednesday. Dern believes that this fight provides them with the chance to channel those negative feelings into an interesting spectacle for their fans. Agreeing with Dern, Andrade added that the fight will also aid them financially in coping with the aftermath of their respective divorces.

Andrade, confident about the impending fight, highlighted that she is aware of what Dern is presently grappling with, as she herself is navigating a similar situation. Emphasizing that this shared experience could act as fuel for their bout, Andrade said, “Without a shadow of a doubt, I know she’s going through that. I’m going through it as well. It basically going to be a session where we go out and let the demons out…And it’s an opportunity for us to go at it.” Andrade acknowledges that despite initial beliefs that the divorce wouldn’t impact them, the emotional fallout does eventually catch up mid-fight. However, on Saturday, there’s no doubt that they will unleash their pent-up emotions on each other. Financial repercussions of divorce are another angle that Andrade stresses, as the earnings from this fight will help them bear those costs.

Once the fight is over, Andrade seems open to the idea of discussing their shared experiences of dealing with divorce and the transformation of their personal lives. While on the subject of dealing with personal lives, Dern opened up during her media day appearance about the complexities and after-effects of handling a divorce and a custody battle for her daughter. Intriguingly, she also shared that her entire earnings from this UFC 295 clash will be handed over to her ex-husband. Putting emphasis on the struggles they must undergo, she said “It’s kind of crazy, fans get to watch us let out all of our stress on another person in a fight but that’s what we’re trained for. That’s what makes the victory more special.”

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