Jessica Andrade’s Strategy to Break Her Three-Fight Losing Streak

Jessica Andrade was caught in the middle of an agonizing three-fight losing streak. This stumble was a far cry from her glorious UFC title reign in 2019. Andrade grabbed victory, and while most fighters in such a spot might dwell on their failing performances, she instead took a bold, progressive decision, embracing her losses as learning curves.

Although Andrade was facing her most prolonged series of defeats, she refused to be crestfallen and used her setbacks as the stepping stone. “I focused on what I didn’t do well and improved those things. I’m not upset because, in those fights, I did good things, too. I only lost by mistake. So that tells me, if I correct those mistakes, I’m on my way to victory,” said Jessica. She understood that she lost due to her own lapses and not not because there was a dearth of talent.

Andrade’s retrospect on her losses really honed her fighting skills. Her positive mindset towards defeats put her back on the winning map. Rather than wallowing in her defeats, Jessica’s perspective of treating them as improvement opportunities laid the groundwork for her final victory. Thus, ending her three-fight skid and setting herself up for an exciting future.

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