Joanna Jedrzejczyk Becomes Second Female UFC Hall of Fame Inductee

Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s about to make history. Again. She’s stepping into the Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Fame this summer. That makes her the second female fighter to snag this honor. Pretty cool, huh?

So, where did I hear this? During the UFC 299 broadcast. It was kind of a big deal. Joanna was there too, cheering on Mateusz Gamrot in Miami. Gamrot nailed a win against Rafael dos Anjos, by the way.

Dana White, the big boss over at UFC, couldn’t stop raving about her. “Joanna is one of the greatest,” he said. And he’s not just talking about her fights. She’s been a stellar ambassador for women’s MMA. Inside the Octagon? A total beast.

Her UFC journey kicked off with a bang. Came in undefeated, 6-0, and quickly grabbed the strawweight title. She’s been called the greatest strawweight in MMA history. Not hard to see why.

Remember her title defenses? Five times she held onto that belt. Then came the tough loss to Rosa Namajunas in 2017. That was a shocker.

But Joanna didn’t just fade away. She kept at it, delivering fights we’ll never forget. Like that epic battle at UFC 248 against Weil Zhang. That hematoma was something else. Despite the ups and downs, Joanna retired with a respectable 16-5 record after a knockout loss to Zhang at UFC 275 in 2022.

It’s been quite the ride. And now, the Hall of Fame awaits. A fitting tribute, don’t you think?

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