Joaquin Buckley Claims He Made Vicente Luque ‘Quit’ in UFC on ESPN 54 Bout

— ESPN MMA (@espnmma) March 31, 2024

Seeing Vicente Luque pull guard was, well, unexpected. The man’s known for ending fights, not inviting them to the ground.

But there he was, on Saturday night, choosing a new path against Joaquin Buckley. A path that, frankly, didn’t work out for him.

Luque’s got this rep, right? Second in UFC welterweight history for finishes. Yet, Buckley’s pressure was just too much.

Once Luque hit the mat, Buckley went to town. Ground-and-pound city. The ref had to jump in at 3:17 of the second round.

Buckley couldn’t help but laugh. “I chuckled when he pulled guard,” he said, still kinda amused. He’d been mulling over Luque’s skills, knowing the guy’s resilience.

“I felt like I could break Vicente Luque,” Buckley admitted. And break him, he did. Made him quit, even.

Buckley’s victory speech hinted at more to come. “It’s just wherever the fight goes,” he mused, hinting at unseen wrestling and jiu-jitsu skills, plus some striking combos he’s yet to showcase.

Remember Buckley’s viral KO of Impa Kasanganay? Yeah, that was just the beginning. Now, he’s on a three-fight win streak, eyeing a fight in St. Louis come May 11.

“That’s the plan,” he confirmed, eager for any and all challengers. Except one.

Kevin Holland? Buckley’s over that. Holland lost to Michael Page, and Buckley’s done chasing that rematch. “Damn poor child, you messed up the money,” he quipped, already looking to the future.

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