Joaquin Buckley Focuses on Gilbert Burns After Unrealistic Post-Fight Callout

Joaquin Buckley really gave it his all. In the UFC on ESPN 56 co-main event, he tried to finish Nursulton Ruziboev in the final round. But, alas, it wasn’t in the cards.

Despite Buckley’s dominance in the third round, where he dropped Ruziboev and significantly outstruck him, the fight went the distance. Yet, Buckley’s victory was undeniable. He won by a unanimous decision, marking his fourth straight win in the UFC. The fight took place in St. Louis, Buckley’s hometown, at the Enterprise Center.

Buckley didn’t hold back his thoughts post-fight. He quipped, “I ain’t gonna lie. I guess (referee Keith) Peterson had his money on somebody else, because he should have stopped the fight a long time ago.” But he acknowledged Ruziboev’s resilience and determination.

This win was more than just a notch on Buckley’s belt. It was a moment of pride for St. Louis. Buckley, a local hero, emphasized the importance of representing his city positively. He sees himself as a role model for kids, showing them that dreams can indeed come true.

However, not all of Buckley’s dreams are within reach, especially his post-fight callout. He boldly asked for a fight with Conor McGregor, a request that UFC CEO Dana White quickly shot down. Still, Buckley was optimistic, saying, “Definitely not gonna get that, but why not take chances?”

Buckley then set his sights on a more attainable target for his next fight. He mentioned Gilbert Burns as a potential opponent, calling it a “beautiful matchup.” Burns, a formidable fighter, has faced setbacks in his last two fights, including a KO loss at UFC 299.

So, what’s next for Buckley? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: he’s ready to take on whoever the UFC puts in front of him, dreaming big and fighting hard.

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