John Castaneda Hopefully Calls Out Adrian Yanez Following UFC 295 Win

During the post-fight interview of UFC 295, John Castaneda expressed his admiration for Adrian Yanez, making it clear that he would like the opportunity to challenge him. Known as “Sexi Mexi,” Castaneda had just emerged victorious in a 138-pound weight bout on the UFC 295 preliminary card, held at Madison Square Garden in New York. He convincingly defeated the South Korean veteran Kyung Ho Kang, who has a record of 19-10, winning via unanimous decision. Castaneda, who is 31 years old, made a point of being respectful in calling out Yanez. The Minnesota native believes that such a matchup would be particularly interesting from a stylistic perspective.

Castaneda was clear in articulating his desire to take on Yanez, saying, “I’m not gonna call people out but if I were to call somebody out, I really really would love a fight with Adrian Yanez.” He wasn’t seeking to make this call from any position of disrespect. Instead, he asserted that, stylistically, they could make for an exhilarating fight. It’s a callout that is filled with hope more than anything else.

Following his win over Kang, Castaneda’s Ultimate Fighting Championship record now stands at 4-2. The only two UFC losses he has suffered were at the hands of Daniel Santos and Nathaniel Wood. On the other hand, Yanez, who is 29, had shown great potential by remaining undefeated in his first five UFC appearances. Despite this, he has undergone back-to-back knockout defeats against veteran Rob Font and up-and-coming prospect, Jonathan Martinez.

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