Jon Jones Thinks Stipe Miocic’s Training Video Could Be Misleading

Jon Jones has his eyes on Stipe Miocic, and he’s not taking any chances. 🤔

He stumbled upon some training footage of Miocic. “Hmm,” he thought, “what’s this guy up to?”

Jones is all too aware that in the fight game, looks can be deceiving. “It’s all about timing and deception,” he mused. “If your opponent looks weak, that’s your cue to double down.”

Oh, and there was this tweet. 🎥 A clip of Miocic, gloves on, looking… well, you decide. But Jones? He’s not buying it. Not one bit.

“Prepare even harder,” he insists. Because, let’s face it, complacency has no place in the octagon. Especially not for someone like him.

Meanwhile, Jones was supposed to defend his heavyweight title against Miocic at UFC 295. But then, life threw a curveball – a pectoral injury. Talk about bad timing.

Enter Tom Aspinall, who stepped up and knocked out Sergei Pavlovich. An interim title fight, sure, but a fight’s a fight.

Aspinall’s been itching for a shot at Jones since. But Jones? His sights are set on Miocic. And Miocic? He’s not interested in anyone else.

It’s like a high-stakes game of musical chairs, with the Madison Square Garden spotlight waiting for the last two standing.

Some say the fight between Jones and Miocic could be their swan song. As for Aspinall, well, who knows?

Observers had their say about Miocic’s mitt work. “Not his best,” some whispered. But Jones, ever the strategist, sees a potential ruse.

“I’m no Sun Tzu,” Jones quipped on X, “but I know enough to see through this.” His plan? Train harder, stay sharp, and never underestimate an opponent.

Because in the end, it’s not just about strength or skill. It’s about outsmarting the other guy. And Jones is playing to win.

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