Jon Jones & Tom Aspinall Encounter at Arnold Sports Festival, England

Over the weekend, something pretty interesting happened. Jon Jones and Tom Aspinall, two giants of the MMA world, finally met face-to-face. This wasn’t just any casual meet-up, though. It went down at the Arnold Sports Festival in Birmingham, England, on a rather unassuming Saturday.

Jones was there, doing his thing, when Aspinall decided to drop by. The vibe? Surprisingly chill, all things considered. But, there was this moment – Jones kinda had to brush Aspinall’s hand off his shoulder. Not in a bad way, just, you know, personal space and all that. Aspinall, ever the content creator, got it all on video for his YouTube channel.

So, Aspinall throws out, “Are we going to do this thing?” And Jones? He’s like, “I would hope so.” Classic Jones, always keeping us guessing.

Now, here’s where it gets a bit spicy. Jones, ever the gentleman, agrees to a photo. But a face-off? Nah, he’s not feeling it. Not with Aspinall holding onto that interim heavyweight title like it’s his lifeline. Aspinall snagged that title after laying Sergei Pavlovich to rest in the first round at UFC 295 last November. Since then, he’s been on a mission, a crusade if you will, for a crack at Jones.

But here’s the kicker – Jones might be tied up for a bit. He’s got this rematch brewing with Stipe Miocic, once Miocic is back in fighting form after a nasty torn pectoral benched him for UFC 295.

Aspinall, ever hopeful, hits Jones with a “I would love to, man. Respect.” And Jones? He’s all, “Maybe one day.” Classic. Leaves us hanging, wanting more.

So, there you have it. A chance encounter, a few words exchanged, and the promise of a future clash that has us all on the edge of our seats. Only time will tell how this story unfolds.

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