Julian Erosa Challenges Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas Following UFC on ESPN 53 Victory

Julian Erosa made an unexpected choice after his fight at UFC on ESPN 53. Instead of the callout everyone anticipated during his Octagon interview, he saved his words for later. And oh, did those words stir the pot.

In the heat of the opening exchanges, Erosa found himself on the receiving end of Ricardo Ramos’ power. Yet, he quickly turned the tables with a guillotine choke, securing a victory before the first round was halfway done. Despite skipping the in-Octagon callout, he didn’t hold back in the post-fight media scrum.

Erosa’s beef? Cheaters. Specifically, he targeted Lia Thomas, the transgender swimmer whose achievements have sparked widespread debate. Thomas, who transitioned and competed for the women’s team at the University of Pennsylvania, made history in NCAA Division 1 swimming. Erosa’s challenge to Thomas to step into the MMA ring was, by his own admission, aimed at shocking the audience.

His comments didn’t stop there. Erosa lamented the loss of “common sense” in today’s world, expressing his disapproval of men competing in women’s sports. He referenced Fallon Fox, a transgender MMA fighter, as part of his argument against such participation.

The MMA community has seen its share of figures, like Ben Askren and Jorge Masvidal, taking sides in the debate over transgender athletes in sports. Erosa aligns with those who argue that physical advantages remain post-transition, especially in combat sports where factors like bone density play a crucial role.

Erosa’s stance is clear: transgender women should not compete against cisgender women in sports. He believes the physical disparities are too significant to overlook, regardless of hormone therapy. The fighter also touched on the irony of women fighting for exclusive spaces while also advocating for transgender women’s inclusion in these spaces.

His comments have ignited discussions, reflecting the broader, ongoing debate about transgender athletes’ participation in sports. Erosa’s bold statements, intended to shock, certainly achieved their goal, leaving the MMA community and beyond buzzing with conversation.

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