Khusein Askhabov Gets Two-Year Suspension for Failing Drug Test

Oh boy, where do we start? So, there’s this featherweight fighter, Khusein Askhabov, right? Dude’s been benched for a solid two years. Why, you ask? Well, it’s all about those anti-doping violations.

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper. The folks over at Combat Sports Anti-Doping (CSAD) – they’re the new sheriffs in town, taking over from USADA in January. They dropped the bomb on Monday. Askhabov? Suspended. 24 months. Bam!

Why, though? The guy tested positive for metabolites of Methandienone. That’s Dianabol or D-Bol for the gym rats. This was all from a sample they snagged in Grozny, Chechen Republic, back on Feb. 6. Talk about a Valentine’s Day gift, huh?

The plot thickens. This suspension got slapped on him on Feb. 28. That’s right after he got the heads-up about a provisional suspension due to those not-so-sweet test results.

Let’s rewind a bit. “Lion” – that’s Askhabov’s nickname, by the way – made a comeback to the octagon after chilling on the sidelines for three years. His big UFC debut was in February 2023 against Jamall Emmers. Didn’t go as planned, though. He took an L, his first professional loss, by unanimous decision.

But wait, there’s more. Askhabov was all set to throw down with Daniel Pineda in October. Plot twist – he gets arrested in Thailand with his bro, Khasan. Something about a home invasion. Drama, right? But, plot twist again – they got cleared of those charges.

So, yeah. That’s the rollercoaster ride of Khusein Askhabov’s recent life. MMA, huh? Never a dull moment.

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