Kyler Phillips: MMA Lab Bantamweights Open to Fighting Each Other

Oh, Kyler Phillips, that bantamweight dynamo from MMA Lab, he’s got something to say. And it’s pretty straightforward: when push comes to shove, teammates won’t shy away from duking it out in the octagon. Interesting, right?

Advertisement? Nah, let’s skip that.

So, Phillips faced off against the seasoned Pedro Munhoz at UFC 299. This showdown took place in the sunny vibes of Miami, right at the Kaseya Center. Boy, did Phillips put on a show! It was like watching poetry in motion, but with fists. A unanimous decision later, and his record’s looking pretty sweet at 6-1. Not too shabby, eh?

Now, the MMA Lab in Phoenix, that’s where Phillips hones his craft. It’s kinda like a superhero training ground, but for fighters. Sean O’Malley, the champ, trains there too. And then there’s Merab Dvalishvili, who stirred the pot by turning down a title shot. Why? Because his buddy Aljamain Sterling was wearing the crown. But Phillips? He’s singing a different tune. He’s all about the competition, even if it means facing off against his gym buddies.

Phillips was like, “Honestly, the Lab’s packed.” He threw this out there during a post-fight chat. Met Sean O’Malley when he was just a teen. And there’s a whole crew of up-and-comers like Mario Bautista and Marcus McGhee. They’re all about grinding together, making bank, and not sweating the small stuff. According to Phillips, with so many of them on the rise, they’re bound to cross paths. But it’s all good. They’re aiming to dominate, division by division.

Then, outta nowhere, Phillips throws a playful jab at McGhee. “Hey, you tryin’ to fight?” All in good fun, of course. They’re tight like that. Marcus McGhee, “The Maniac,” he’s part of the family. And that’s the vibe at MMA Lab. It’s about pushing each other to the top, even if it means they gotta square off in the cage. Now, that’s what you call a team spirit.

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