Leon Edwards Aimed to Slap Colby Covington After UFC 296 Press Conference

Oh, Colby Covington. He’s got a knack for getting under people’s skin, doesn’t he? Even UFC welterweight champ Leon Edwards isn’t immune.

So, Covington snagged himself a title shot. It was set for UFC 296 in December 2023. And boy, did he stir the pot. At the pre-fight press conference, he crossed a line, throwing jabs at Edwards’ late father.

Edwards? He was shaken but not stirred. He kept his cool, only to unleash a storm in the ring. He dominated Covington, securing a unanimous decision win. Post-fight, Edwards admitted he wanted to confront Covington right after the presser. Wanted to give him a slap, he did. But Covington? Vanished. Security might’ve whisked him away.

Covington, despite barely hanging on for five rounds, had the audacity to raise his hands at the final bell. And when he lost? He blamed the judges, claiming bias due to his political leanings. Classic Covington, always playing the blame game.

Edwards sees a pattern. Covington blames everyone but himself for his losses. Now, Edwards is eyeing his next defense against Belal Muhammad at UFC 304 in Manchester. He’s bracing for excuses, expecting Muhammad might pull a Covington if he loses.

“Colby is Colby,” Edwards muses. He points out Covington’s habit of deflecting blame. Whether it’s the referee or some grand conspiracy, it’s never his fault. Edwards shakes his head at the absurdity. Covington’s loss to Usman? Blamed on the ref. His defeat to Edwards? Political bias, apparently.

Edwards can’t fathom the logic. You lose a fight, you move on. But not Covington. He’s in a league of his own, making excuses, living in denial. And Edwards suspects Muhammad might tread the same path. Two peas in a pod, he reckons. Two very, very peculiar peas.

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