Manager Says Ankalaev Would Be Knocked Out by Alex Pereira

Oh, the buzz around Alex Pereira is just unmissable. You’ve heard, right? The chatter about him possibly moving up in weight again. And let me tell you, nobody’s betting on his skills more than his own manager.

So, there was this chat ahead of UFC 301. Jorge “Joinha” Guimaraes, that’s Pereira’s manager, spilled some tea to Sherdog. They were all talking about what’s next for the UFC light heavyweight champ. And guess what? While folks are lining up Magomed Ankalaev as the next big challenge, Guimaraes kinda shrugged that off. He’s eyeing something else, maybe even a weight class jump for his 205-pound beast.

Guimaraes was like, “Ankalaev? Meh, not feeling it.” He thinks Alex is cut out for, well, anything. No picking and choosing opponents for him.

And if Ankalaev does step up? Guimaraes is all in on Pereira. He’s pretty much saying, “Ankalaev taking him down? Ha! I’d bet my last dollar on a knockout.”

Post-UFC 300, Pereira’s been floating this idea of bulking up to heavyweight. Wants to snatch another belt. Though injuries had him benched for UFC 301, the ambition’s still burning bright.

“He’s eyeing heavyweight,” Guimaraes said, practically beaming with pride. “And honestly, Jon Jones? Against ‘Poatan’? Not happening.”

So, there you have it. Pereira’s camp is buzzing with plans, and heavyweight might just be on the horizon. Stay tuned, folks. This is gonna get interesting.

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