Manon Fiorot Awaits Title Shot with Win Over Erin Blanchfield

Manon Fiorot’s got her eyes on the prize, folks. She’s all in, aiming for that shiny title next. But first, she’s gotta get through Erin Blanchfield at UFC Atlantic City on March 30. It’s gonna be a showdown, no doubt.

The stakes? Sky-high. Fiorot vs. Blanchfield is pretty much the golden ticket to a title shot. But, and it’s a big but, clinching a win doesn’t automatically mean Fiorot gets to jump in the ring for the championship belt. Why? ‘Cause the MMA world’s a bit of a whirlwind right now.

So, here’s the scoop. Champion Alexa Grasso and the legendary Valentina Shevchenko are duking it out on “The Ultimate Fighter.” Their dance card is full until after the season wraps up in June, setting up a trilogy fight that’s gonna push Fiorot’s title dreams down the line. But, Fiorot’s not sweating it. She’s patient, ready to wait her turn, insisting the title shot is hers next.

During UFC Atlantic City’s media day, Fiorot was clear as crystal. “I deserve that title shot, injuries or no injuries. I’m set on the next fight being for the belt, even if I gotta wait out the trilogy,” she declared. Talk about determination.

But wait, there’s a twist. Fiorot’s not just sitting around. She’s game for an interim title fight against the crème de la crème. When quizzed about facing Maycee Barber or Rose Namajunas for an interim belt, Fiorot didn’t miss a beat. “Yes, for an interim title, I’m all in. But just a regular fight? Nah,” she stated.

Now, let’s talk Blanchfield. She’s on a hot streak, nine wins back-to-back, including six in the UFC. Many reckon she’s Fiorot’s biggest challenge yet. But Fiorot? She’s not sweating it. Despite Blanchfield’s impressive run, Fiorot’s faced tougher, beaten a former champ, and believes this won’t be her hardest fight.

“Nope, not the toughest I’ve faced,” Fiorot shrugged off. “My last three opponents were beasts. I’ve taken down champs. Blanchfield’s good, but I’ve seen tougher.” That’s the spirit, right? Keep your eyes peeled, folks. This fight’s gonna be one for the books.

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