Marlon Vera Accuses Sean O’Malley of Having ‘Extremely Greasy’ Head in UFC 299 Bout

Marlon Vera dropped a bombshell recently. He claimed Sean O’Malley’s head was “extremely greasy” during their bantamweight title clash. This, he said, made grappling with “Sugar” a slippery ordeal.

The fight in question? It went down at UFC 299 on March 9. O’Malley, fighting with finesse, defended his title via unanimous decision. But Vera, affectionately known as “Chito,” hinted there was more to the story.

According to Vera, O’Malley’s braided hair was a slick issue in the clinch. He reminisced about his own experiences with braided hair. Typically, salons go heavy on the gel. However, the UFC’s go-to stylist opts for water, making the hair less sticky.

Vera, while tipping his hat to O’Malley’s skills, couldn’t help but mention the hair situation. He pondered whether it was an oversight by the champ or his hair stylist. Either way, it was a point of contention for him.

On “The MMA Hour,” Vera opened up. “He was just a better athlete than me,” he admitted. Yet, Vera believed he had moments where he connected with O’Malley. He recalled how O’Malley ended up in casts post-fight, a testament to Vera’s ability to land shots.

Vera’s strategy often involves clinching, wearing opponents down. But O’Malley’s greasy hair threw a wrench in those plans. He compared it to trying to hold onto a fish, a frustratingly slippery endeavor.

Despite the setback, Vera acknowledged his position in the fight world. He wasn’t looking for excuses. However, he couldn’t ignore the greasiness of O’Malley’s hair. It was a factor, especially when his knee strikes narrowly missed their mark.

Post-fight, the greasiness was still apparent. Vera pointed out how O’Malley’s face shone in interviews. It was a subtle yet telling detail, adding another layer to the narrative of their bout.

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