Mauricio Ruffy Warns Islam Makhachev Following Successful UFC Debut

“A new king is coming.” That’s what Mauricio Ruffy tweeted, eyes firmly on Islam. #UFC301 got a whole lot more interesting, didn’t it?

Check out the tweet for yourself. It’s all there in black and white, folks.

— UFC dropped this bomb on May 4, 2024. You saw that right.

Oh, and before I forget, there’s this ad break. Yeah, those are everywhere, aren’t they?

Now, onto the juicy stuff. Mauricio Ruffy? Yeah, he’s the guy who just put the lightweight champ, Islam Makhachev, on high alert. His debut at UFC 301? Nothing short of spectacular.

He absolutely dismantled Jamie Mullarkey. Did it with style too, right in front of his home crowd in Rio. That first-round TKO? Chef’s kiss.

Post-fight, Ruffy had a little something for Makhachev. A friendly reminder of his win over Raimond Magomedaliev. “I have a message for Islam Makhachev,” he said. “Enjoy your days at the top.”

Because, according to Ruffy, change is on the horizon. A new king, he says, is coming.

His style? Reminded some folks of Conor McGregor. Even UFC analyst Din Thomas made the comparison during the broadcast. That’s some high praise.

Ruffy’s take on the McGregor comparisons? He’s all for it. “I don’t mind being compared to Conor McGregor,” he mentioned in a post-fight media scrum. McGregor, after all, is a legend in the sport.

Meanwhile, Makhachev isn’t just sitting around. He’s gearing up for his third title defense. Dustin Poirier is the challenger, waiting in the wings for UFC 302. That’s going down on June 1, in Newark, New Jersey.

So, what do you think? Is Ruffy the real deal? Will Makhachev hold onto his title? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – the UFC’s lightweight division is heating up.

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