Max Holloway Requests Mark Coleman to Award BMF Title Fight Winner with Belt

Max Holloway’s got a dream. He wants Mark Coleman, the “real life BMF,” to present the winner’s belt at UFC 300. He’s set to clash with Justin Gaethje. And oh boy, it’s gonna be epic.

The BMF title? It’s on the line. Gaethje’s defending it against Holloway, aka “Blessed.” They’re throwing down in Las Vegas, T-Mobile Arena, come April 13. This title’s got history, folks. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jorge Masvidal have been part of its story.

So, Holloway’s pick for the belt presenter? Mark Coleman. Why? Because Coleman’s a legend. Not just in the cage, but outside too. He recently turned hero, saving his parents from a house fire. Sadly, their dog, Hammer, didn’t make it. Coleman, though, he’s tough. Ended up in the hospital but fought through, even beating pneumonia.

Coleman’s story caught fire. A fundraiser for his recovery stopped after hitting over $121,000. And guess what? He’s back in the gym already. Talk about a quick comeback.

There’s this UFC 300 promo, right? Coleman’s facing off with Daniel Cormier. Holloway thinks it’s a hint. Maybe Coleman will show up. “Guy’s a G, bro,” Holloway says. He’s stoked at the possibility.

Now, about the BMF title. Some say it’s just for show. But Holloway? He sees the potential. Winning could change everything. Yet, it’s not just about the belt. It’s about the fight. Sharing the Octagon with Gaethje, a future Hall of Famer? That’s the real prize for Holloway.

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