Melquizael Costa’s Basic Incentives

Melquizael Costa has a pretty simple method to his madness – he loves a good fight, especially when it comes with a paycheck. “I like beating people up,” Costa confessed to “Plus, I get paid to do it. It’s the best thing in the world.” The fighter makes it clear he enjoys his career choice and seemingly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Costa’s fighting schedule doesn’t relent as he sets his sights on his second consecutive win in the Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight division. He’s geared up to face Steve Garcia in the UFC on ESPN 52 undercard this coming Saturday at the Moody Center in Austin. This bold 27-year-old Brazilian doesn’t see fighting on foreign soil as a disadvantage. “For my whole career, I’ve always fought away from home,” the feisty contender shares. “I feel great being the away team. I usually get booed on the way in and cheered after the fact.”

Costa recognizes the considerable threat posed by Garcia, an opponent who has claimed 11 out of his 14 professional victories either by knockout or technical knockout, five of which were achieved in a single round. Even so, Costa seems unfazed and even eager for the matchup. “He’s a southpaw, and he’s a sniper. It’s a game that matches well with mine. Every fight is unique. What I do know for sure is that the fans will love our war,” he predicts.

The UFC fighter has certainly proven himself in the ring, having won eight times in his past ten fights. In his most recent match on July 15, he lowered to 145 pounds for a face-off against Austin Lingo at UFC on ESPN 49, marking a new weight class for the seasoned fighter. Reflecting upon the experience, Costa notes, “I was able to show more of my game, but I fought with more caution. It was a new weight class for me. I wasn’t sure how my performance would be.”

Currently based out of the Chute Boxe affiliate in Bauru, Brazil and previously a Predador Fight Championship titleholder, Costa is all about preparation and teamwork. He points out, “We have coaches for muay thai, jiu-jitsu, and boxing. Every coach is highly skilled in their department. As far as training, I’m feeling 130%. Mentally? 200%.” As for his future plans, Costa sets his sights on growing his brand, widening his fan base, and of course, fighting. “In 2024, I want my fans to know me even more so the more I fight, the better – for them and for my wallet,” he reveals.

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