Michael Chandler Vows to End Conor McGregor’s Career at UFC 303

Michael Chandler’s got something big to say. He’s convinced UFC 303 is gonna be epic. It’s either Conor McGregor hangs up his gloves for good or… we witness the most jaw-dropping comeback in the history of combat sports.

So, here’s the scoop. Chandler and McGregor are finally locking horns on June 29. It’s been a long time coming. Chandler’s message? Don’t you dare miss it. It could be your last chance to see McGregor strut his stuff in the Octagon.

Now, Chandler, that ex-Bellator champ, he’s on a mission. He’s out to push McGregor into retirement. But, get this, he’s also tipping his hat to McGregor’s shot at glory. The greatest comeback ever? Chandler thinks it’s possible.

McGregor’s been off the radar since July 2021. That leg break in the trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264? Brutal. But Chandler, a fan fave, believes beating him could set McGregor up for the comeback of a lifetime.

Chandler’s pretty blunt about it. “Buy this pay-per-view,” he says. “It might be the last time Conor McGregor fights.” He’s confident he’ll do something on June 29 that’ll make McGregor think twice about ever coming back. Yet, Chandler hasn’t counted McGregor out. Despite that nasty injury and the odds, he sees a path for McGregor’s triumphant return.

And let’s not forget about Chandler. The man’s a dynamo in the Octagon. His track record? Stellar. Fights of the night, performance bonuses, you name it. He and McGregor? They’re two of the most thrilling fighters out there. This fight? It’s either going to be McGregor’s swan song or the comeback story of the century.

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