Michael Page Says Fight Against ‘Wonderboy’ Could Be Boring

Oh, the irony. Michael Page, a name synonymous with excitement in the MMA world, dropped a bombshell. He thinks a fight against Stephen Thompson might actually turn out to be a snooze fest. Yeah, you read that right.

Advertisement lurks around the corner, but let’s keep rolling.

Page, also known as “Venom,” made quite the splash in his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut. It was at UFC 299, on March 9, facing off against Kevin Holland. Page didn’t just win; he schooled Holland in striking for three whole rounds. And yes, his signature showboating was on full display. While he felt a knockout was within reach, Page believes his performance alone is enough to pull fighters into his orbit. No need for him to call anyone out.

Right now, Page isn’t zeroing in on anyone specific. “Nobody specific,” he quipped in a chat with Sportsnet. He’s got a spotlight shining on him, and he’s ready for whoever steps into it. He’s looking for a challenge, and he’s ready to take it head-on.

The buzz around Page’s debut quickly led to whispers of a showdown with Stephen Thompson. Both are top-tier strikers, after all. But here’s where it gets a tad unexpected. Page thinks this dream match might actually be a letdown. Why? Because they’re too similar. Two precision strikers in a dance of feints and footwork might lead to more anticipation than action. It’s a scenario where only the real aficionados can appreciate the subtleties, but to the average viewer, it might just look like a whole lot of nothing.

Page muses, “You know what’s interesting and I always [say] this, a positive and a positive doesn’t always make a positive.” He respects Thompson too much, almost to the point where he’d hesitate to land a kick. So, for now, this potential bout is on the back burner. After all, they’re prizefighters, and the future is wide open. But for the moment, Page’s focus lies elsewhere.

And there you have it. A twist in the tale of two fighters, where the expected clash of titans might not be as explosive as we’d hope. But hey, that’s the fight game for you. Unpredictable, ever-changing, and always keeping us on our toes.

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