Michel Pereira Rejects UFC Louisville Fight with ‘Friend’ Roman Dolidze

Oh boy, the MMA world’s buzzing again. And this time, it’s about Michel Pereira and Roman Dolidze. Word on the street (and by street, I mean multiple MMA outlets) was these two were set to throw down. Middleweight clash, UFC on ESPN 57, June 8. Sounds epic, right?

But wait. Pereira’s like, “Hold up, folks.” He hops on Instagram, clears the air. Never said yes to this fight. Why? Well, Dolidze’s not just some guy. He’s a training partner, a “friend.” Imagine the drama.

Fighting a buddy on short notice? Pereira’s not feeling it. Besides, where’s he gonna train? Their paths cross at UFC P.I. and Xtreme Couture. Talk about awkward.

“I didn’t accept that fight, OK?” That’s Pereira, setting the record straight. If it were anyone else, sure, he’d be game. But Dolidze? Not now. Not yet. Pereira’s surprised Dolidze even said yes. Friendship and training ties complicate things.

Then there’s Dolidze’s side. He’s on social media too, sharing his piece. Apparently, there was some confusion about dates. UFC wanted to shuffle things around to June 8. Dolidze’s down, assuming Pereira’s in. Signs the contract and all.

Dolidze’s ready to rumble but calls the mix-up a “misunderstanding.” No hard feelings. He thinks Pereira’s a stand-up guy, a solid fighter. Just a bit of a communication snafu. He’d rather face Caio Borralho, but injuries, you know?

So, there you have it. A tale of two fighters, a potential clash turned confusing saga. MMA, never a dull moment.

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