Michel Pereira Says Sparring with Sean Strickland Is Always Crazy

Michel Pereira is on a roll. He’s heading into his next fight riding a six-bout winning streak.

This Saturday, he faces Michal Oleksiejczuk at UFC 299. It’s a big deal.

The fight marks Pereira’s second venture at middleweight in the Vegas-based UFC. He’s feeling good about the move.

“The best thing I could do was jump to 185 pounds,” Pereira spilled to Sherdog.com. “Life’s better now.”

Before, at welterweight, he had to shed over 40 pounds every two months. “Now, it’s a breeze.”

His opponent, Oleksiejczuk, isn’t someone to underestimate, though. The guy’s knocked out three of his last four opponents in the first round.

Pereira joked about the pronunciation challenges. “Took me a while to get his name right,” he said. The Polish fighter’s left hand? Deadly. But Pereira’s confident in his boxing skills. “Knocking him out is the plan.”

Yet, Pereira’s versatile. “I’m an MMA fighter, ready for anything to win.”

He’s got a black belt in karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Plus, training at Xtreme Couture has been top-notch.

“Sparring with champs like Jamahal Hill and Sean Strickland… it’s intense,” Pereira shared. Sessions with Strickland often end in knockdowns or blood.

Before his last fight, Pereira made headlines with Israel’s flag. It was a nod to friends after a Hamas attack. But, it stirred up some threats on social media.

“This time, I’m steering clear of politics,” he stated.

Instead, Pereira’s planning a dance show for his entrance. UFC rules meant he had to make a tough call on his corner team to include his cousin.

Pereira’s known in Brazil for his unique striking moves. Names like Revestrés and Mão de Bomba (Bomb Hands) are his creations.

“No new moves this time,” he said. “I’ve got plenty to entertain the fans already.”

After just one fight in 2023, Pereira’s eyeing UFC 301 in Rio. “Fighting in front of a Brazilian crowd would be amazing,” he expressed.

If he’s injury-free post-fight, he’s game for UFC 301. And maybe the Sphere in Vegas later. “I’m ready whenever UFC calls,” Pereira concluded, embracing his role in the UFC family.

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