Mike Brown Says Dustin Poirier Most Stressful Fighter at ATT by Far

Oh boy, Dustin Poirier, that guy’s a heart-stopper, isn’t he? He’s a gem at American Top Team, but talk about giving Coach Mike Brown a run for his money. Stress city, population: Mike.

Now, Poirier’s gearing up to take on Islam Makhachev for the lightweight title. It’s happening at UFC 302, set for June 1 in Newark, New Jersey. The buzz? It’s electric.

“The Diamond” punched his ticket to this showdown with a knockout. Yeah, he sent Benoit St. Denis packing at UFC 299. But, get this, before that KO? Poirier was all about those guillotine chokes. Risky business, right?

After Round 1, Brown’s like, “Maybe let’s not with the guillotines?” Poirier’s response? “Hold my beer.” He dives for another right at the start of Round 2. Classic Dustin.

Somehow, it all worked out. But, man, Brown says Poirier’s the king of stress. Since 2011, their bond’s been tight, which just cranks up the pressure.

And then there’s this plug, right? “Order Now! UFC 302 ‘Makhachev vs. Poirier’ Saturday at 10 p.m. ET on ESPN+.” Gotta love a good promo.

Brown’s got stories, for sure. Poirier tops his list of stress inducers, no contest. But it’s a love thing. Poirier’s stubborn, does his own thing. Like those guillotines? If he’s into it, he’s going for it, coach’s advice be damned.

Who’s on the chill side of coaching for Brown? Enter Kayla Harrison. The PFL champ turned UFC fighter is a coach’s dream. Disciplined, coachable, a real stress-buster for Brown.

Harrison’s UFC debut? A smashing success. She faced Holly Holm at UFC 300 and dominated. Holm thought clinching with an Olympic judoka was the move. Spoiler: It wasn’t.

So, that’s the scoop. From Poirier’s heart-stopping antics to Harrison’s disciplined approach, it’s never dull at American Top Team. What a ride, huh?

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