Mike Davis: How Video Games Saved My Life After UFC Fight Night 239 Victory

Oh boy, Mike Davis really turned heads at UFC Fight Night 239. Knocking out Natan Levy? That’s no small feat. And then, out of the blue, he dives into how video games were his lifeline during a rough patch. Quite the twist, huh?

Ads popped up, as they do. But back to Davis. After a hiatus since October 2022, he came back swinging. Literally. Secured a win against Levy with a submission in the second round. Then, amidst the victory buzz, he starts chatting about his gaming passion. Even hinted at a gaming podcast post-retirement. Talk about multi-talented.

Davis is all over “The Last of Us” and “Hell Divers” these days. But, get this, “Halo” was his savior. “I like ‘The Last of Us.’ But the game that saved my life was ‘Halo.’ And what am I playing right now? A little bit mixture of everything, but come, on it’s ‘Hell Divers’ – for democracy,” he shared in a media scrum. The guy’s got taste.

His backstory’s a gut-punch, though. Grew up in New York, faced bullying for being Black. It was rough. The bullying was relentless, pushing him to self-harm. The only silver lining? His Xbox sessions playing “Halo” with friends from all over. His mom got him the Xbox, which was pretty sweet of her.

“When I grew up as a kid — I’m from upstate New York and as you can probably guess, there’s not a lot of black people. So I got picked on a lot and I was also really small, like a tiny child,” Davis recounted. Bullies had him cornered, but “Halo” and his gaming buddies gave him something to look forward to. Every. Single. Day.

Crazy how life works, right? From being bullied to UFC victories and finding solace in gaming. Davis’s story’s got it all – the lows, the highs, and the unexpected saviors in the form of video games.

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