Mitch Raposo to Face Andre Lima at UFC 302 in New Jersey

Andre Lima’s about to throw down with Mitch Raposo. It’s a flyweight bout that’s got everyone buzzing.

Oh, and it’s happening at UFC 302.

Now, Raposo? He’s stepping in for Nyamjargal Tumendemberel. Poor guy had to bail ’cause of visa troubles. spilled the beans first on this matchup switcheroo.

So, where’s this showdown going down? Newark, New Jersey, baby. June 1st, mark it. And it’s not just any fight night. We’re talking the main event being a lightweight title fight. Islam Makhachev vs. Dustin Poirier – fireworks, guaranteed.

Let’s chat about Lima for a sec. His UFC debut? Wild. He won ’cause his opponent, Igor da Silva, decided to take a chomp on his arm. Mid-fight, no less. Earned himself a cool $50,000 “Bite of the Night” bonus. And yes, he celebrated with a tattoo. Classic. Lima’s record’s spotless – 8 wins, no losses. He’s shined in Dana White’s Contender Series and Legacy Fighting Alliance.

Raposo’s no slouch either. The guy’s been a champ in Cage Titans and CES MMA. Out of 10 fights, he’s stumbled just once. That was on the Contender Series, 2021. Jake Hadley got him with a submission.

So, yeah. This fight? It’s shaping up to be something special.

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