Nate Landwehr on Not Wishing the Fighter Life on His Worst Enemy

Nate Landwehr, a name you might’ve stumbled upon if you’re into the whole MMA scene, has a bit of advice for ya. He’s all in on his job, loves it to bits, maybe a tad too much. But, get this, he wouldn’t tell his buddy to jump into the ring. Nope, not even if they begged.

Oh, and there’s this ad popping up. Because, of course, there is.

So, Nate’s a dad now. And guess what? He just nailed a win, a technical knockout, no less, against Jamall Emmers. Happened in Atlantic City, at this UFC event that had folks on the edge of their seats. But here’s the kicker – he wouldn’t wish this fighter life on anyone. Not even on someone he can’t stand. And his kiddo? He’d try to steer him clear, too.

“That’s a tough one,” he spills on “The MMA Hour.” Wants to push his son away from fighting first. Thinks if his boy can’t handle that, then this life ain’t for him. It’s his litmus test. Tells everyone who dreams of fighting, “Don’t do it.” If those words crush you, well, you’re not cut out for this world.

Landwehr gets real about the sport. It’s brutal, unforgiving. Winning’s everything, but both sides, winners and losers, they grind the same. “This fight stuff’s like falling in love with the neighborhood troublemaker. She ain’t gonna love you back,” he quips. It’s a hard truth. Half the roster? They lost their last fight. Doesn’t mean they didn’t pour their soul into it. It’s a fine line between victory and defeat.

But Nate? He’s head over heels for MMA. Claims there’s no thrill like it, not in the whole year. “Oh, I love it, dawg. This is my blood,” he beams. Winning lights him up, makes every other Saturday night pale in comparison. That victory walk backstage? Nothing like it. Makes him feel, just maybe, a little bit extraordinary.

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