No Excuses for Warlley Alves

Warlley Alves is in a tough spot. After three straight losses, he’s feeling the heat. A decade into his UFC career, he’s at a crossroads. This Saturday, he’s set to face Abusupiyan Magomedov. It’s a crucial middleweight prelim at UFC Fight Night 241 in Las Vegas. Alves, at 33, holds an 8-7 UFC record. Yet, he hasn’t tasted victory in over three years. Questions are swirling. Can he keep his spot on the roster?

“It’s a rough patch,” Alves admitted in a chat with He’s facing a do-or-die situation. No excuses. In this high-stakes game, even a millimeter can cost you. Alves is doubling down on preparation this time. He’s determined to return to his winning ways. Losses? He’s learned from them, albeit reluctantly. They’ve forced him to pivot and adapt.

For Alves, there’s only one direction: forward. “I’m surrounded by the right people,” he says. He believes he’s destined for this. His goal? To be champ as long as possible. Once, he dreamt of retiring undefeated. Now, he knows better. Losses have taught him he’s human. Mistakes happen. But resilience is key.

Alves’ next challenge is significant. He’s up against Nurmagomedov, a PFL finalist who’s also on a losing streak. Nurmagomedov’s last win was a quick TKO at UFC Fight Night 209. Since then, it’s been tough going. “Predictions are tricky,” says Alves. In fighting, one punch can flip the script. He’s ready for a brawl. Both fighters are desperate to stay in the UFC. Alves is betting it’ll be the ‘Fight of the night.’

Despite the pressure, Alves is at peace with himself. Years of fighting have given him wisdom. He’s thankful for his UFC journey. Fighting for a living was his dream. Now, he’s focused on winning, one fight at a time. Gone are the days of chasing belts. The next fight is all that matters.

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