Ovince St. Preux Discusses Light Heavyweight Division Transition

So, Ovince St. Preux recently spilled the beans on his decision to stick to light heavyweight. Plus, he touched on Jon Jones’ leap to heavyweight glory. You can catch his full thoughts over at Sherdog.

Ah, the thrill of victory. St. Preux eked out a win against Kennedy Nzechukwu at UFC Fight Night 239. It was a nail-biter, folks. Despite dancing between heavyweight and light heavyweight, OSP’s been keeping it light. Why? Well, heavyweights pack a punch and aren’t easy to put down.

“I mean they [are] big and they hit hard,” OSP told The Schmo. He’s not wrong. Today’s heavyweights? Quicker, stronger, and yeah, they still hit like a truck.

Remember when St. Preux faced off with Jones back in 2016? That was for the interim title at UFC 197. Post that bout, OSP decided light heavyweight was his jam. Meanwhile, Jones went on to conquer the heavyweight title.

Jones, the man’s a wizard in the octagon. “His fight IQ is ridiculous man,” OSP remarked. It’s like, make one mistake against him and bam, game over. That’s the level of precision we’re talking about here.

And now, with Jones eyeing the sidelines, Tom Aspinall’s itching for a title unification showdown. OSP thinks it’ll boil down to whether Jones can keep up his stamina, especially with the added bulk.

“Man, I don’t know because Aspinall [is] like really tricky for a heavyweight,” OSP mused. He’s got moves, power, and then some. But Jones? He’s a whole other level of tricky. The question is, can he handle the heavyweight pace, especially in the later rounds?

Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: OSP’s insights are as sharp as ever. And in the world of MMA, it’s all about playing your cards right. Whether it’s sticking to your weight class or making the leap to heavyweight, strategy is everything.

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