Ovince St. Preux Unafraid of Nzechukwu’s KO Power in Close-Range Fight

Ovince St. Preux dropped some knowledge bombs recently. He chatted about his recent UFC Fight Night 239 tussle with Kennedy Nzechukwu. You know, the one that happened on Saturday. OSP was pretty candid about it all.

He mentioned something interesting. Kennedy’s punch? Not the one-hit wonder type. That gave OSP the green light to keep pushing forward. No fear, just pure grit.

Here’s where it gets juicy. St. Preux, with his eyes on the prize, managed to throw Nzechukwu off his game. Kennedy’s usually good with keeping folks at bay, but not this time. OSP’s strategy? Simple. Keep on the pressure.

During the post-fight presser, OSP shared his thoughts. “Can’t let the guy advance,” he said. He’s comfortable fighting on the back foot, sure. But Kennedy? Not so much. The moment you get Kennedy retreating, he’s out of his comfort zone.

OSP had a plan. Despite Kennedy’s attempts to get his punches in, OSP wasn’t fazed. “Alright cool,” he thought, then charged. His attacks started landing, making a difference.

And then, the close-quarters battle. OSP’s been known to knock folks out cold with a single punch. Kennedy, though? He usually needs a flurry to finish. OSP caught him good once, thought about pouncing, but then… caution. Kennedy’s resilient, after all.

The first couple of rounds? Both fighters were kinda holding back. Saving energy for the grand finale, it seemed. And what a finale it was. A full-on brawl.

OSP remembered something Taylor, his trainer’s wife, said. “You can do anything for five minutes.” With that in mind, he was ready to duke it out in a phone booth, if need be. And duke it out, they did.

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