Paddy Pimblett Says Bobby Green’s Chin Weakened by Jalin Turner Knockout

Paddy Pimblett’s got a bone to pick with Bobby Green’s chin. He’s convinced it’s seen better days. They’re gearing up to clash at UFC 304, July 27, in Manchester. Pimblett’s betting Green will keep it standing, banking on his takedown defense.

But here’s the thing. Green’s chin? It’s under a big question mark after Jalin Turner sent him to the canvas last December. Sure, Green came back to win against Jim Miller. But even Miller, at 40, had him wobbling. So, Pimblett’s not counting himself out of the knockout game.

“He’s got the moves, no doubt,” Pimblett told The Mac Life. “But that chin’s not what it used to be, not after Turner. And Miller, he’s no knockout king, but he had Green shaking. That tells you something.” Pimblett’s confident. If it stays on the feet, he sees a knockout or a submission in his future.

Pimblett’s last fight? A unanimous decision win over Tony Ferguson. But he admits, he nearly ran out of gas. Going all out for a first-round finish took its toll. He reckons Green might see that as an opportunity. To push him, test his stamina. Yet, Pimblett’s dismissive of Green’s knockout power. “He’s more about the pitter-patter,” he says. Except for that one time with Grant ‘No-Jawson’ Dawson.

So, there you have it. Pimblett’s ready, chin-checks and all. UFC 304 can’t come soon enough.

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