Paddy Pimblett Views Tony Ferguson Fight as a No-Win Situation

Paddy Pimblett’s upcoming fight against Tony Ferguson makes him a bit edgy. He sees it as a no-win situation irrespective of the bout’s result. They’re set to square off at UFC 296, taking place December 16 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Pimblett, who carries a six-bout winning spree, is set to face Ferguson, who is on a six-fight losing streak. Despite the glaring contrast in their recent performances, many fans reckon “El Cucuy”, Ferguson’s nickname, might triumph over Pimblett, especially after Pimblett’s eyebrow-raising decision win over Jared Gordon last December.

Pimblett sees the looming clash with Ferguson as a chance where the chips are stacked against him. He thinks he’ll draw criticism no matter the outcome of this fight. Ferguson, despite his losing spree, had fallen from grace only to top-rate rivals. This fact has led to fans perceiving the former interim lightweight champ as past his prime. Hence, a loss to Ferguson would see Pimblett berated for losing to a faded fighter, while a win might equally be dismissed on similar grounds.

Pimblett expressed his dilemma on the Energized Show. “I don’t even know because obviously he’s (Ferguson) lost six in a row,” Pimblett said. He pointed out the reputation of all the fighters, except for Bobby Green, that beat Ferguson. He’s uncertain of the outcome, and confesses he’s in a tight spot. “I see this as a lose-lose fight for me because if I did lose, people will be like, ‘Oh, you got beat by a washed Tony,'” he said.

However, even if he wins the bout, Pimblett fears he will still face backlash. He said, “And when I win, people are going to be like, ‘Oh, Tony was washed anyway. It doesn’t matter.’ Even though I’m seeing everyone online picking Tony to beat me, I know for a fact, even when I win, I’m not going to get any credit.”

The fight against Ferguson is about more than just victory for Pimblett. He had aced all three of his UFC fights before the clash against Gordon, an experience which, according to him, left him bitter. Now, Pimblett is eager to put on a spectacular show against Ferguson, an entertainer in his own right. “I want a war,” he confessed. “I want to look like Anthony Pettis after he fought him, and I want him to look worse than Anthony Pettis after he fought him. I want a scrap, lad. I’m going to come in and throw down.”

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