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This text appears to be providing instructions and scripts for setting up social sharing options on a webpage. The first section of the text pertains to the use of AddToAny, an all-in-one platform that supports social media sharing. Buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, WhatsApp, and Email have been prepared for use, with the attribute of data-notrack applied, presumably to ensure user privacy.

Next, we see a JavaScript functionality included in the setup. A function named ‘sd_addtoany_onshare’ will execute whenever the sharing data relayed by the AddToAny system Includes a service and a URL. The function, in turn, sends this data to Google’s Google Analytics (GA) Manager. This function might be responsible for tracking the use of the social buttons.

The configuration settings for the AddToAny system are also established in this JavaScript portion. The system is configured to integrate a callback function – ‘sd_addtoany_onshare’ – which gets triggered every time a share occurs. This setup ensures that whenever a share button is used, the function is triggered to send a report to the GA manager.

Lastly, an external JavaScript file is loaded in asynchronously from the ‘’ domain. The date mentioned – Nov 18, 2023 – could potentially be the date on which this article was written or last updated. As indicated by the given guidelines, the name of the page author or the website they represent will not be mentioned.

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