Potential UFC 301 Cuts: Who’s at Risk of Receiving the Pink Slip

Oh, Rio de Janeiro, you beauty! The Farmasi Arena was absolutely buzzing. Picture this: 13 pairs of fighters, spread thin over eight divisions, all amped up and ready to rumble. And boy, did they deliver!

Now, here’s a twist. Every single bout at UFC 301 had a bit of international flair, pitting a Brazilian warrior against a fighter from lands afar. The early fights? A mix of decisions and three knock-your-socks-off TKO finishes that really set the stage for the main card drama.

Speaking of drama, the Brazilian fighters? Nearly unstoppable. All but one, Vitor Petrino, snagged wins, painting the event in vibrant shades of green and yellow.

But hey, not every story has a happy ending. Post-fight, the spotlight dimmed for some, casting long shadows of doubt on their future in the octagon. Let’s dive into those teetering on the edge, shall we?

Kevin Borjas, oh, Kevin. Snagged a UFC contract with a win that had everyone talking, but now? The chatter’s not so kind. After a rough night against Alessandro Costa at UFC 301, he’s staring down the barrel of a two-fight losing streak. Costa came out swinging, literally. A calf kick here, a flurry of punches there, and bam, Borjas was down and out by the second round.

Two losses in a row? Tough spot for Borjas. At 26, time’s on his side, but it’s crunch time for some serious soul-searching.

Now, onto the “Dodging The Bullet” section. It’s not all doom and gloom. Fighters like Jamie Mullarkey and Paul Craig might have had off nights, but they’ve got the grit and history to bounce back. Vinc Pichel and Joaquim Silva, though? They’re on thin ice. A few more losses could spell trouble.

And then there’s Ihor Potieria. Tough break, getting caught in Michel Pereira’s web of moves, including a controversial one that might’ve been, let’s say, not entirely by the book. Despite a rocky 2-4 UFC record, Potieria’s story isn’t over yet. Sometimes, a bit of controversy and a short-notice fight can buy you another shot.

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