Preview of UFC Fight Night 240 Featuring Allen vs. Curtis Rematch

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is gearing up for another showdown at the Apex before the much-anticipated UFC 300. This time around, the lineup looks promising, sticking to the Apex’s reputation for delivering solid bouts.

Marvin Vettori’s exit from the main event was a bummer, no doubt. Yet, the UFC bounced back quickly, setting up an intriguing match. Brendan Allen is now facing Chris Curtis. It’s a rematch, folks. Remember Allen’s loss to Curtis back in 2021? Well, Allen’s been upping his game since then, making this face-off in 2024 one to watch.

But wait, there’s more. The featherweight division is bringing its A-game with two matches that fans are buzzing about. Alexander Hernandez is up against Damon Jackson, a fighter known for dragging his opponents into the deep end. And then, there’s Morgan Charriere, the French sensation, looking to notch another win against the formidable Jose Mariscal following an impressive UFC debut.

Lightweight fans, get ready. Ignacio Bahamondes and Christos Giagos are set to clash in what’s expected to be a high-octane match. And for pure entertainment, Trevor Peek versus Charlie Campbell promises fireworks.

Now, let’s dive into the middleweights. Brendan Allen, with a record that speaks volumes about his UFC journey, is eyeing a win against Chris Curtis. Allen’s been on a roll, and 2024 could be his year to shine as a middleweight contender. Despite his grappling prowess, Allen’s striking has seen significant improvement. Yet, his wrestling and grappling remain his trump cards, with most of his recent victories coming through rear naked chokes.

Chris Curtis, on the other hand, has had a rollercoaster of a career. Despite a stunning knockout on the Contender Series in 2018, Curtis faced a long wait before finally stepping into the UFC octagon. His journey’s been marked by retirements and comebacks, but Curtis has shown he’s a force to be reckoned with, especially after his wins over Phil Hawes and Allen. However, Curtis has faced challenges in adapting his game to the middleweight division’s demands, making his rematch with Allen all the more intriguing.

This fight could go either way, but if Allen can’t adjust to a slower-paced striking match, Curtis might just have his number again. The prediction? Curtis by decision.

So, there you have it. The UFC Fight Night 240 is shaping up to be a night of thrilling matchups and potential career-defining moments. Don’t miss it.

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