Rivalries of Adrian Yanez

So, Adrian Yanez is gearing up for his 2024 season, and boy, isn’t that something to keep an eye on? This guy, straight outta La Porte, Texas, is about to throw down in a big way. He’s stepping into the Octagon with Vinicius Salvador this Saturday. And it’s all going down at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. Yanez has had a couple of rough patches in 2023, but he’s been marinating on those losses. You know, really stewing in them. Now, he’s dusting off and gearing up for a comeback that’s got tenacity written all over it.

Before we dive into his next big fight, let’s take a stroll down memory lane. We’re talking about the rivalries that have shaped Yanez into the fighter he is today.

First up, Miles Johns. These two clashed over the Legacy Fighting Alliance bantamweight title at LFA 55. Johns was on fire, sticking to Yanez like glue and keeping up a pace that was just relentless. He was the jack of all trades in that fight, landing takedowns and peppering Yanez with jabs. But Yanez? He wasn’t going down without swinging. He kept mixing it up, stance after stance, and nearly snagged a win with a guillotine choke in the final round. Alas, Johns snagged the victory, but it was a nail-biter.

Then there’s Gustavo Lopez. When Yanez stepped onto the scene of Dana White’s Contender Series, folks knew something special was brewing. He steamrolled over Brady Huang in just 39 seconds and then delivered a head kick knockout to Victor Rodriguez that had everyone talking. Against Lopez, Yanez’s boxing was just *chef’s kiss*. A right hand sent Lopez packing, and Yanez strutted away with a knockout that’ll be replayed for years.

Tony Kelley’s next on the list. Yanez has been likened to Jorge Masvidal, and honestly, he wears that comparison like a badge of honor. Kelley, though, tried to ruffle some feathers by calling Yanez a “wish version” of Masvidal. Big mistake. Yanez was fueled by those words and Kelley’s misstep at the weigh-in. Kelley had made some unsavory comments, and Yanez felt a strong urge to shut him up for good. And shut him up, he did, with a barrage of punches that ended the fight in the first round. Eye contact was made. Messages were sent. Yanez walked away with yet another post-fight bonus.

Lastly, Rob Font was a significant step up for Yanez. They squared off at UFC 287, and initially, Yanez was holding his own, especially in the boxing department. But Font, oh boy, Font landed an uppercut that rocked Yanez’s world. A right hook later, and Yanez was on the canvas. Font sealed the deal right there, marking a tough night for Yanez.

Each of these battles has been a stepping stone for Yanez, shaping him into the fighter he is today. As he prepares to face Salvador, it’s clear he’s not just fighting for wins; he’s fighting for his legacy. And that’s something you can’t help but respect.

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