Rodrigo Nascimento Claims One Takedown Will End Derrick Lewis

Rodrigo Nascimento’s gearing up for a brawl, not a snooze fest. He’s set his sights on Derrick Lewis and, let me tell ya, he’s not planning to just sit pretty on top.

Nascimento, with an 11-1 record, is stepping into the big leagues. He’s facing Derrick Lewis, a man with 27 wins and 12 losses, at UFC St. Louis on May 11. And it’s not just any fight—it’s the main event.

Now, Lewis, he’s got a rep for sending folks to dreamland with his knockouts. But Nascimento? He’s not sweating it. He’s seen Lewis in action and knows the guy’s not just about the heavy hits. He’s got tricks up his sleeve.

During the UFC St. Louis media day, Nascimento spilled the beans. He called Lewis “unpredictable” and “super dangerous.” But he’s quick to add, Lewis is more than just a pair of heavy hands. He’s got the full package.

Lewis’s last fight? Not his best moment. He faced Jailton Almeida and, well, spent a good chunk of the fight on his back. Almeida kept him grounded, though he didn’t dish out much damage. Nascimento’s seen the tape but isn’t planning to copy-paste Almeida’s strategy. He’s confident he’s got the weight and the skills on the ground to not just control Lewis but to finish him.

Nascimento’s got a point to prove. He’s not just about winning; he’s about finishing. And he’s certain if he gets Lewis on the ground, it’s game over.

Don’t expect Nascimento to pull a Lewis post-fight, though. No shorts flying or cups thrown into the crowd. That’s Lewis’s shtick. Nascimento’s got his own style.

Despite a recent hiccup with a failed drug test turning a KO win into a no-contest, Nascimento’s on a roll. He’s won his last three fights, though they went to the judges’ scorecards. Meanwhile, Lewis’s record’s been a bit rocky lately, with only one win in his last five fights.

So, there you have it. Nascimento’s ready to make a statement at UFC St. Louis. And from the sounds of it, he’s not planning to leave it in the hands of the judges.

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