Rodrigo Nascimento’s Master Plan Revealed

Just took a quick peek at the Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight rankings. And who do we see climbing the ranks? Rodrigo Nascimento. Yep, that’s the guy.

He’s a fighter from American Top Team. This Saturday, he’s stepping into the Octagon with a big challenge ahead. He’s facing Derrick Lewis, a former Legacy Fighting Championship titleholder. The showdown’s happening at UFC on ESPN 56, right in the heart of St. Louis.

Nascimento’s not just walking in; he’s strutting in with wins against Tanner Boser, Ilir Latifi, and Don’Tale Mayes under his belt. He’s got this vibe, you know? Like he’s ready to steamroll right through Lewis.

He spilled the beans to “We have our path to victory,” he said. It’s all about the game plan, aiming for the belt, step by step. Respect for Lewis? Absolutely. But Nascimento’s eyes are on the prize, aiming for the top 10, then the top 5. And maybe snagging a bonus along the way.

Now, Lewis isn’t just any opponent. He’s the UFC’s knockout king. But lately? Things haven’t been great for him. He’s hit a rough patch, with losses in five of his last seven fights. Last we saw him, Jailton Almeida handed him a unanimous decision loss.

Nascimento’s confidence is sky-high, though. “I’m ready to beat him in any scenario,” he declared. Whether it’s a knockout, a submission, or a decision, he’s ready. Fighting Lewis is a big deal for him, a nod to all the hard work paying off.

Training’s been split between Boxe Velha Guarda gym in Brazil and American Top Team in Florida. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between being cautious and aggressive, especially against someone as unpredictable as Lewis.

“We’re always improving,” Nascimento pointed out. He’s taking Lewis’s recent fights as a rough guide but is ready for anything. The strategy’s set, and they’re prepared for Lewis’s heavy hands and unpredictability.

As for the fight with Lewis, Nascimento’s got laser focus. “My plan is to beat up Derrick,” he said, straightforward. He’s the next hurdle in Nascimento’s career path, and that’s all he’s thinking about. What comes next? That’s a question for another day.

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