Sean O’Malley: McGregor Can Still Perform Well with Proper Focus

Sean O’Malley, a well-known fighter, has some thoughts about Conor McGregor. He doesn’t think McGregor is the same fighter he once was. Why? Well, he believes McGregor’s recent years of yacht life during his prime have changed him.

McGregor hasn’t stepped into the ring since July 2021. That’s when he suffered a broken leg in a trilogy clash with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. Despite McGregor’s 1-3 record in his last four bouts, fans are still eagerly anticipating his return to the Octagon.

McGregor has been teasing a return fight with Michael Chandler for months. Recently, he made an announcement. He’s going to be fighting the former Bellator MMA champ during the International Fight Week on June 29.

O’Malley has his doubts about McGregor, though. He thinks the former UFC two-division champion isn’t as good as he was during his heyday. But, O’Malley also believes “Notorious” still has it in him to put on a show if he is really “dialed in.”

O’Malley told ESPN, “I’m a huge fan of Conor and I would be very excited to watch him come back and compete.” He’s been watching McGregor’s training videos and thinks he’s looking good. But, it’s all about the mindset for O’Malley. He wonders if McGregor can get back on that.

O’Malley added, “You’re not going to be as good as you were if you were training and grinding for years, and then you’re living on a yacht and doing these things. You just aren’t going to be the same guy.” But if McGregor is dialed in and laser-focused for three months, O’Malley thinks he’ll show up and put on a performance.

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