Shillan & Duffy Recap UFC 301 in After the Bell Podcast

“After the Bell, folks. Shillan & Duffy just wrapped up UFC 301.”

Man, what a night, huh? They dove deep into the nitty-gritty, breaking down every jab, hook, and knockout.

And hey, don’t get me started on those recaps. They’re something else. Packed with insights, they really get into the weeds of each fight.

You know, it’s not just about the punches. It’s the strategy, the sweat, the sheer willpower.

Shillan & Duffy? They’ve got a knack for this. Capturing the essence of each bout, making you feel like you were ringside, feeling every hit.

Oh, and those quotes. They keep ’em coming, making the recap not just informative but also, dare I say, entertaining.

It’s like you’re hanging out, talking fights with your buds. Except these guys, they really know their stuff.

So, yeah. UFC 301? It was wild. And thanks to Shillan & Duffy, we got to relive the best parts, blow by blow.

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