Steve Erceg Shares Preferred Method to Beat Alexandre Pantoja

Steve Erceg is all in. Despite the whirlwind of speculation about his next fight, he’s got his eyes firmly set on the prize. He’s gearing up to face Alexandre Pantoja for the flyweight title at UFC 301. And boy, does he aim to make a splash in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Now, let’s talk Erceg. Just 11 months and three wins into his UFC career, and he’s already eyeing the title. Some say he’s lucky, being “at the right place at the right time.” But luck or not, Erceg’s not stepping into the Octagon to play. He’s there to dominate “The Cannibal.”

Erceg, also known as “Astro Boy,” respects Pantoja. He acknowledges the Brazilian’s top-notch grappling but believes he’ll outshine him, especially in striking. “He’s tough, no doubt. Great heart, strong grappling,” Erceg muses. “But those feet? I see opportunities. And I plan to exploit every single one.”

In a chat with MiddleEasy, Erceg didn’t hold back. “Picking him apart—that’s the plan. Sure, he’ll try to close the distance, get to the grappling. But hey, I’m no slouch. I’ve got my black belt, and before everyone got caught up with my knockout power, I was the grappling guy. So, yeah, I’m pretty confident about my ground game too.”

Erceg’s not just talking big. His journey to the UFC was paved with an eight-fight win streak, including five submission wins. And let’s not forget his recent knockout victory over Matt Schnell. That fight? A clear testament to his striking prowess.

When asked about his dream scenario for winning the flyweight belt at UFC 301, Erceg’s answer was crystal clear. “Look, I’ve thought about this a lot. There are many ways this could go down. But here’s the dream: dominate the stand-up, maybe for a round or two. Then, when the time’s right, either land that knockout punch or take it to the ground. Imagine submitting him in his own game. Now, that’s how you make a statement.”

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