Tamires Vidal Takes Everything in Stride

Tamires Vidal doesn’t see perspective as a hurdle. She’s the type who learns from both the ups and downs.

This Saturday, she’s aiming to regain her momentum in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s women’s bantamweight division. She’s facing Melissa Gatto at UFC Fight Night 241 in Las Vegas. After a split decision loss to Montserrat Rendon last September, Vidal is hungry for a comeback. That defeat was a hiccup in her otherwise impressive streak of six victories.

Vidal opened up about her last fight. “It wasn’t great, but hey, I learned a lot,” she shared. Despite the loss, she’s not dwelling on it. Instead, she’s focusing on her growth as both an athlete and a person. “I’m here to win, to entertain, to showcase my fierce game,” she added with determination.

Gatto, on the other hand, seems to have hit a rough patch. After a promising start in the UFC, she faced back-to-back defeats. Yet, Vidal isn’t taking her lightly.

“For the next fight, I’m all in,” Vidal declared. She’s been training non-stop, ready to bring her A-game. Both fighters are bouncing back from losses, making this match a crucial one for them.

Vidal trains with the Macapa Fight Team in Brazil, under the guidance of Benito Tavares Cavalcante, Bruno Mezenga, and Andre Madiz. “I owe a lot to my coaches,” she said, expressing her gratitude. Vidal cherishes her UFC journey, proud to represent her roots and inspire the kids in her community.

At 25, Vidal is already looking ahead, dreaming of becoming a mentor. She wants to be known not just for her fights, but for her character. “I’m excited to fight, but I also hope to inspire the young dreamers out there,” she concluded.

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