Top Choices: UFC Fight Night 240 Allen vs. Curtis Rematch

Oh, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is gearing up for a big leap! Before it hits the T-Mobile Arena for the much-anticipated UFC 300, there’s a pit stop at the Apex. Sure, it might not be the extravaganza fans were daydreaming about, but hey, the matchups? They’re still dripping with intrigue and ripe for those looking to make a smart wager. Dive into the UFC Fight Night 240 edition of Prime Picks with us. We’re eyeballing an over on a main event and spotlighting three underdogs who aren’t just there to show up; they’ve got legit shots at victory.

Now, onto Brendan Allen squaring off against Chris Curtis for the second time. The stakes? Oh, they’re sky-high. Curtis is stepping in on short notice, revisiting a past victory, while Allen is hungry to flip the script on a previous loss. Both fighters are teetering on the edge of the Top 10, with Allen a win away from potentially sniffing at a title shot. Curtis? He’s got a bit more climbing to do, but a repeat win could catapult him up the ranks. Given their history and what’s on the line, expect a cautious start. Betting on the over? Could be a smart move.

Allen, still as aggressive as ever, hasn’t lost his knack for going all in. Despite his sharp offense, he’s not exactly elusive, making him an easy target at times. Curtis, on the other hand, is a precision machine. Remember when he landed a whopping 140 significant strikes on Marc-Andre Barriault? If he finds his rhythm against Allen, it could spell trouble for the “All In” fighter.

But let’s not forget, Allen thrives in chaos. He’d much rather drag this fight into a gritty, up-close battle than a clean kickboxing match. Despite their height difference, Curtis has proven he can close the distance and engage effectively. Both are skilled on the ground, but Allen’s aggressive style, especially against the fence, could be the key to turning the tables on Curtis. Yet, if he can’t secure a stoppage early on, we might be in for a long haul.

Switching gears, let’s talk about Damon Jackson. The MMA world is buzzing with curiosity. Will Jackson’s newfound mane catapult him into the realm of mythical fighters? His transformation, courtesy of a Turkish clinic, is more than just a fresh look—it’s about embracing change, both inside and out. Facing Alexander Hernandez, Jackson’s grappling prowess could be the deciding factor, especially considering Hernandez’s struggles against wrestlers.

Germaine de Randamie is stepping back into the Octagon after a hiatus, with her last victory in 2020 being a submission win over Julianna Pena. Despite her sporadic fight schedule, de Randamie’s only loss has come at the hands of Amanda Nunes. Facing Norma Dumont, who’s been fairly active, de Randamie’s experience and skill set could prove pivotal. Dumont’s strength and defensive tactics are notable, but de Randamie’s striking and experience might just tip the scales in her favor.

Lastly, Dan Argueta is eyeing an upset against Jean Matsumoto. Argueta’s grappling could be the key, especially if he can manage to bring Matsumoto to the mat without expending too much energy. Matsumoto’s striking is solid, but Argueta’s ability to control the fight on the ground could be the difference-maker. Despite a couple of no contests muddying his recent record, Argueta’s determination and skill on the ground could see him through in what promises to be a tactical battle.

So, there you have it. A mix of cautious strategies, bold predictions, and fighters ready to defy the odds. The UFC landscape is ever-changing, and these matchups are a testament to the unpredictability and thrill that keep fans coming back for more.

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