UFC 1 Pioneer Art Jimmerson Passes Away at Age 60

Oh man, it’s a bit of a sad day for the MMA world. A legend from the very first Ultimate Fighting Championship show has passed away at 60. That’s right, Art Jimmerson, the boxer who stepped into the octagon at UFC 1 with just one glove, has left us. People called him “One Glove,” which, let’s be honest, is pretty memorable. Despite only fighting once in MMA, his bout was unforgettable. He faced Royce Gracie, who was lighter by about 20 pounds, but Gracie managed to take him down and get a submission just 2:18 into the fight.

ESPN broke the news on Wednesday, saying Jimmerson’s daughter confirmed his passing. And yeah, his son also shared the sad news on Facebook. It’s always tough to hear about these things.

Back in 2009, Jimmerson had a chat with Sherdog and shared some thoughts about his fight with Gracie. He said, “It’s funny looking back, I just never knew.” He thought it would be easy, just one punch. But Gracie? A whole different level. Jimmerson admitted he had no clue who Gracie was before the fight. That’s a bit of a shocker, right?

Before and after dipping his toes in MMA, Jimmerson was all about boxing. He was a pro from 1985 to 2002, racking up a record of 33-18 with 17 KOs. Not too shabby. After hanging up his gloves, he focused on coaching, eventually becoming the head boxing coach at the UFC Gym in Torrance, California.

But what really stood out about Jimmerson, aside from his fighting spirit, was his character. He told Sherdog he was a man of faith, loved his family, and always aimed to help others. “I fear God; I am saved. I try to live by the Bible, I’m a hard-working man, I love to take care of my family, and I love a lot of people.”

It’s always a bit surreal to talk about someone in the past tense, especially someone who left such a unique mark on the sport. Rest in peace, “One Glove.” Your legacy, that mix of courage, faith, and a touch of the unexpected, will not be forgotten.

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