UFC 296: Ariane Lipski Defeats Casey O’Neill with Armbar Highlight Video

So, here’s the thing. UFC 296? Yeah, it was wild. There’s this highlight video you gotta see. Ariane Lipski, right? She’s in it.

She’s not just in it, though. She’s the star. Lipski, she does this thing. An armbar.

Now, who’s on the receiving end? Casey O’Neill. Poor O’Neill, didn’t see it coming.

So, the video. It’s a highlight, right? But not just any highlight. It’s THE highlight.

Lipski and her armbar. On O’Neill. At UFC 296. You gotta see it.

It’s not every day you see an armbar like that. Lipski, man, she’s got skills. And O’Neill? She’s tough, but Lipski was just…better.

So, yeah. That’s the video. UFC 296. Lipski. O’Neill. The armbar. You gotta watch it.

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