UFC 299 Fight Facts: O’Malley vs. Vera 2

Oh, the world of Fight Facts is a curious place, isn’t it? It’s where numbers dance and fighters’ feats are etched into the annals of history with a bit of flair. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty, shall we?

First off, did you know? The UFC has hosted a whopping 7,564 fights across 682 events. That’s a lot of punches, kicks, and submissions, folks.

Miami was buzzing for UFC 299. Fourteen matches that kept fans on the edge of their seats. Spectacular finishes, comebacks that had us gasping, and a near-record for takedowns. Oh, and let’s not forget those early contenders for “Walkout of the Year.”

Speaking of takedowns, the fighters weren’t messing around. They racked up 54 takedowns. Just five shy of the record. Talk about going to the mat!

Sean O’Malley, that guy’s got some hands. Defended his title and matched his career high with 230 significant strikes. He’s making history, one punch at a time.

And poor Vera. Took a beating with a 141 sig strike difference. O’Malley’s not one to go easy, it seems.

Money talks, and for O’Malley, it said, “Performance of the Night.” Nine times! He’s setting records left and right.

Vera, though, he’s got a chin. Absorbed a ton of hits and never hit the deck. That’s some toughness right there.

Dustin Poirier, the man’s a legend. Tied for fourth-most wins in the UFC. And he’s not done yet.

His knockout game? Strong. Tied for most in the lightweight division. Poirier’s got power to spare.

And the bonuses keep rolling in for “The Diamond.” Thirteen and counting. He’s chasing the greats.

Poirier loves a good fight, and so do the fans. Nine “Fight of the Night” bonuses? That’s entertainment.

Michael Page finally made the jump to UFC. Second-longest tenured Bellator fighter to do so. Welcome to the big leagues.

Jack Della Maddalena, what a comeback. Put Burns out with a knee and follow-up strikes. The Aussie’s on a roll.

Petr Yan, back in the win column. The man knows how to go the distance.

Curtis Blaydes, shrugged off nine takedowns and came back swinging. That’s resilience.

Almeida, though, he made his mark with those takedowns. Heavyweight history, folks.

Maycee Barber, climbing the flyweight ranks. Tied for third-most wins. She’s one to watch.

Gamrot, manhandled dos Anjos with 11 takedowns. That’s how you make a statement.

Dos Anjos, still ticking. Nearly eight hours of fight time. That’s a warrior.

Lins vs. Cutelaba, went the distance. Lins came out on top. A solid win.

Michel Pereira, quick work with a rear-naked choke. The man’s a finisher.

Robelis Despaigne, 18 seconds. That’s all it took. Welcome to the UFC.

And then there’s the weight miss. Vergara, gotta watch those scales, buddy.

Joanne Wood, ended her career on a high note. A true fighter, through and through.

St. Denis, Burns, Cerminara, and Parisian, all faced tough nights. That’s the fight game for you.

Page and his Undertaker walkout. Now that’s how you make an entrance.

Song chose “Gonna Fly Now” but couldn’t clinch the win. Sometimes, music doesn’t make the fighter.

Blaydes, walked out to “Techno Syndrome.” A .750 win rate with that track. Mortal Kombat, indeed.

What a ride, huh? The UFC never disappoints. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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