UFC Apex Implements New Ticket Policy for Fighters’ Family, Friends

Oh, boy, guess what? The UFC’s rolling out the red carpet for fighters’ friends and family at the Apex. Yep, you heard it right. There’s a fresh ticket policy in town, and it’s all happening in Vegas, baby.

So, here’s the scoop. Hunter Campbell, the big gun at UFC, dropped a memo on Tuesday. It’s all about giving fighters four seats for their squad to catch their fight live. And it’s kicking off this Saturday at UFC Fight Night 240. MMAjunkie.com snagged the story first, by the way.

Now, don’t get too comfy. These seats? They’re for watching “their fight only.” Post-fight, it’s time to say adios, as guests get the gentle nudge out of Apex. This is the new norm for all UFC Apex events, moving forward.

Oh, and about the nitty-gritty. UFC’s VIP hosts will be your go-to for all the deets. They’ll catch up with fighters during check-in at the fight week hotel. Arrival times for your peeps? Sorted.

Here’s a kicker, though. While the UFC’s been pretty generous with comp tickets elsewhere, Apex events were a different story. Families and friends often had to shell out big bucks to be there. Not cool, right?

But hey, change is good. UFC Fight Night 240 is this Saturday at the UFC Apex in Vegas. The card’s stacked with 13 bouts. The main event? Brendan Allen throwing down with Chris Curtis. Should be a blast.

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