UFC ESPN 53 Prelims: Julian Erosa Defeats Ricardo Ramos with Guillotine Choke

Julian Erosa? Yeah, he’s got that don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it vibe going strong.

He was on “The Ultimate Fighter” once, made it to the semifinals in Season 22. Just this Saturday, he balanced his UFC record to an even .500. How? By snagging a win against Ricardo Ramos with a slick guillotine choke. Oh, and it all went down in the first round during the UFC on ESPN 53 featherweight prelims. Vegas, baby.

Erosa didn’t waste time. Just over two minutes into Round 1, and bam! He ends his two-fight skid.

Ramos, on the other hand, was all about those kicks. Landed a heavy right, thought he had Erosa on the ropes. Went for a takedown, even got in some hits. But Erosa? Slippery as an eel, back on his feet in no time. Ramos tried again, got too close, and that was all she wrote. Erosa’s guillotine choke was a done deal.

For Ramos, it’s a bit of a rough patch. Two losses in a row now. That’s a first in his career.

Switching gears, Trey Ogden showed some serious skills against Kurt Holobaugh. Takedowns, control, you name it. Judges all agreed, giving Ogden a unanimous win. His first victory since last September.

Holobaugh couldn’t catch a break. Ogden had him on the mat round after round, landing strikes from every angle. Despite Holobaugh’s resistance, he couldn’t turn the tide. His winning streak? Halted at three.

Then there’s Miles Johns. Stepped in on short notice and dominated Cody Gibson. Judges saw it clear as day, all in favor of Johns. Gibson tried, even got Johns in a tight spot once. But Johns turned it around, kept up the pressure, and took home the win.

Gibson’s been having a tough time, losing three of his last four fights.

Jarno Errens snapped his losing streak with a win over Steven Nguyen. All judges agreed, giving Errens the unanimous decision. He was all over Nguyen, landing significant strikes and keeping him on the defensive.

Nguyen’s winning streak? Ended.

And then there’s the bite heard ’round the world. Igor da Silva got DQ’d for biting Andre Lima during their fight. Not exactly a highlight reel moment.

Dariya Zheleznyakova and Michael Parkin also secured wins, both showing skill and determination in their respective bouts.

So, yeah. A night of ups and downs, comebacks, and a bit of controversy. Just another day in the world of MMA.

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